Quest Bar: Maple Waffle

Where do I begin?! We’ve seen various breakfast protein bar flavours attempted, but many of them don’t taste anything like what we expected. Is this the case for Quest’s newest bar?

Maple Waffle in a bar?… Let’s just say I had many doubts about this bar until I unwrapped it and held the most satisfying bar I’ve ever seen! There is NO shortage of mix-ins throughout this bar! Here’s a closeup just to prove.

Look at that oozing maple syrup and those delicious waffle chunks!


Macros: 190 Cal | 20P/24C/6F | 1g Sugar | 5g Net Carbs |


This bar has the usual Quest base that is really dense but at the same time soft and chewy. Quest deserves an award for the best mix-ins in a protein bar with this one! The sticky syrup and chunks of waffles create a satisfying taste and texture that resembles its name perfectly. This bar has a rich and buttery flavour that is so accurate to that stack of waffles smothered in syrup you’re dreaming about. The maple flavour is noticeable, but not very strong.

The only thing I would change to this bar is a stronger maple flavour but all-in-all… Standing Ovation to Quest!



MusclePharm Combat Crunch: Chocolate Cake

Craving a sweet, dessert like snack? Well now you can have your cake and eat it too with MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch Chocolate Cake🎂 Flavour! If you aren’t a fan of those tan colored, brick shaped bars that taste about the same as they look, then give these a try.

Macros: 220 Cal | 20P/26C/8F | 6g Sugar | 10g Net Carbs |


This bar has a variety of textures, with a soft and sweet chocolatey coating that provides a light snap. Then there are the protein “crunchies” layered throughout the coating that provide a satisfying “CRUNCH” with every bite. (Lives up to the name 😎). But we’re not finished there! The next layer is the base, which is dense and chewy, but surprisingly soft and has a spot on chocolate cake batter like flavour.

Taste Rating: 9/10

Macro Worthiness: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8/10

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JackedPack Monthly Subscription Box

Short on time? ⏰ Don’t know what supplements to try next? 🤔 Well here is the answer to all of your struggles! JackedPack! A monthly subscription box that caters to your specific tastes and goals.

Each box includes various top brand bars, pre workout, protein, bcaa’s and more! Brands include, Grenade, Quest, BSN, BPI, Revlabs, Ghost, Prosupps, Rivalus and dozens more!


JackedPack is only $15 per pack. That includes shipping.
Plus if you sign up for six months, every sixth box is free. This works out to $12.50 per pack. JackedPack is worry free so if you have monthly membership, you may cancel any time.

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Chimp Treats: Nice Cream!

So you’re sitting there on this summer day with the hot sun blazing down on you and you need something to cool you off… Little did you know a banana can resolve this problem! Well… Sort of.

Chimp Treats Banana Flavoured Nice Cream includes one ingredient and one ingredient only! BANANAS!🍌  That means no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners like most “Healthy Ice Creams”.

Macros: 81 Cal | 0.4P/20C/0.4F | 14g Sugar |


Although they are higher in sugar and carbs than “Healthy Ice Cream” these are much different in the way that they are perfect for almost everyone to eat because of their clean ingredients. One of the best benefits being they won’t cause any stomach or gas 💥 related issues like most products are known to cause!

The bold flavour that this pint packs makes you think you’re unwinding on a tropical island when you’re really just sitting on your computer watching youtube videos all day… It has a refreshing, creamy base that tastes of sweet, perfectly ripe bananas.

Taste Rating: 10/10

Macro Worthiness: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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Meatbar: Original Flavour

Looking for a change from your typical sweet, high carbohydrate, protein bar? Here you go… Meatbar is a 90 Calorie Grass-fed beef bar that comes packed with both protein and flavour!

This bar has some of the best macros of protein bars on the market without sacrificing quality, flavour or texture!

Macros: 90 Cal | 12P/1C/4F | 0g Sugar | 1g Net Carbs |


At first it looks like a dense, chewy log of meat, but after one bite your teeth will sink into this bar with ease. Their is a light snap provided by the outside of the bar. The inside is super moist and tender which makes it far superior from the usual jerky or meat stick.

The beef taste is perfectly complimented by a balanced amount of saltiness without being overwhelming. They also make 2 other flavour, Sweet and Savoury, and Sriracha for those who want a fiery kick 🔥.

The best part… Unlike most meat snacks you will not be left with those everlasting jaw cramps or aching teeth after you’re finished with this bar! 😂

Taste Rating: 9/10

Macro Worthiness: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

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Quest Tortilla Chips: Nacho Cheese

We can all agree there’s not much better than a fresh bag of Doritos… Trying to quietly open up the world’s loudest bag, to be welcomed by that satisfying aroma of artificial cheese.😍

Well fitness peeps, Quest has managed to create a macro-friendly tortilla chip that is available in a Nacho Cheese and Ranch flavour.

Macros: 140 Cal | 18P/5C/6F | <1g Sugar | 4g Net Carbs |


My first impression of these is that they have accurate Nacho Cheese (Doritos) flavour with no funky aftertaste whatsoever! From the second it hits your tongue until the last crumb in the bag there is a strong cheese taste. 

The texture is very impressive, especially considering the full bag is only 4g Net Carbs. Although it is lighter than a traditional tortilla chip, they still have a nice crunch and hold up very well.

With such low carbs it means these are Keto-Friendly and you can indulge in some not-so-naughty chips that packs a naughty taste.

In conclusion these are fantastic and the only improvement I would like to see on these is a more dense texture that would provide a more satisfying crunch.

Taste Rating: 9/10

Macro Worthiness: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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Ultra Monster Flavours

Whether you were at a convenience store, gas station, or the grocery store, I’m sure you’ve seen them countless times… The Ultra Monster Energy Drinks.

The most frustrating issue I had was trying to decide which “flavour” to go with for my next caffeine boost. With names like Ultra Zero, Ultra Sunrise, Ultra Black, Ultra Red, Ultra Violet, and Ultra Blue it doesn’t give much indication of their flavour profile.

The focus of this post is to make your next decision easier… by providing my personal  Ranking and list the flavours of each Ultra Monster!

Here We Go!…

1.  Zero Ultra (White): Citrusy/Grapefruit flavour

        Rating: 9.5/10


2. Ultra Red: Cranberry Flavour

        Rating: 9/10


3. Ultra Sunrise: Orange/Tangerine Flavour (Tang Soda)

        Rating: 8.5/10


4. Ultra Violet: Sweet Tarts/Pixy Stix Flavour (Sour)

        Rating: 8/10


5. Ultra Blue: Berry flavour, Not Overly Sweet

        Rating: 7/10


6. Ultra Black: Black Cherry Flavour

        Rating: 6.5/10