Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk

Quest’s Double chocolate chunk is a great tasting bar for any chocolate lover…

It has a deep cocoa flavoured base which is dense and chewy. There are an impressive amount of chocolate chunks that help provide a hefty, crunchy experience with every bite. The taste does get a tad boring by the last few bites so if you don’t love chocolate, this bar may not be for you… 😂  Last thing I’ll point out is the slight aftertaste that is due to the high fibre content and the erythritol used as a sweetener.

Macros: 190 Cal | 20P/23C/8F | 1g Sugar | 5g Net Carbs |


Taste Rating: 7/10

Macro Worthiness: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Get it or Quit it? Get It!


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