Chimp Treats: Nice Cream!

So you’re sitting there on this summer day with the hot sun blazing down on you and you need something to cool you off… Little did you know a banana can resolve this problem! Well… Sort of.

Chimp Treats Banana Flavoured Nice Cream includes one ingredient and one ingredient only! BANANAS!🍌  That means no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners like most “Healthy Ice Creams”.

Macros: 81 Cal | 0.4P/20C/0.4F | 14g Sugar |


Although they are higher in sugar and carbs than “Healthy Ice Cream” these are much different in the way that they are perfect for almost everyone to eat because of their clean ingredients. One of the best benefits being they won’t cause any stomach or gas 💥 related issues like most products are known to cause!

The bold flavour that this pint packs makes you think you’re unwinding on a tropical island when you’re really just sitting on your computer watching youtube videos all day… It has a refreshing, creamy base that tastes of sweet, perfectly ripe bananas.

Taste Rating: 10/10

Macro Worthiness: 7/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Get it or Quit it? Get It! Alternative way to eat your fruit!😁


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