Meatbar: Original Flavour

Looking for a change from your typical sweet, high carbohydrate, protein bar? Here you go… Meatbar is a 90 Calorie Grass-fed beef bar that comes packed with both protein and flavour!

This bar has some of the best macros of protein bars on the market without sacrificing quality, flavour or texture!

Macros: 90 Cal | 12P/1C/4F | 0g Sugar | 1g Net Carbs |


At first it looks like a dense, chewy log of meat, but after one bite your teeth will sink into this bar with ease. Their is a light snap provided by the outside of the bar. The inside is super moist and tender which makes it far superior from the usual jerky or meat stick.

The beef taste is perfectly complimented by a balanced amount of saltiness without being overwhelming. They also make 2 other flavour, Sweet and Savoury, and Sriracha for those who want a fiery kick 🔥.

The best part… Unlike most meat snacks you will not be left with those everlasting jaw cramps or aching teeth after you’re finished with this bar! 😂

Taste Rating: 9/10

Macro Worthiness: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

Get it or Quit it? Get It!


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