Quest Tortilla Chips: Nacho Cheese

We can all agree there’s not much better than a fresh bag of Doritos… Trying to quietly open up the world’s loudest bag, to be welcomed by that satisfying aroma of artificial cheese.😍

Well fitness peeps, Quest has managed to create a macro-friendly tortilla chip that is available in a Nacho Cheese and Ranch flavour.

Macros: 140 Cal | 18P/5C/6F | <1g Sugar | 4g Net Carbs |


My first impression of these is that they have accurate Nacho Cheese (Doritos) flavour with no funky aftertaste whatsoever! From the second it hits your tongue until the last crumb in the bag there is a strong cheese taste. 

The texture is very impressive, especially considering the full bag is only 4g Net Carbs. Although it is lighter than a traditional tortilla chip, they still have a nice crunch and hold up very well.

With such low carbs it means these are Keto-Friendly and you can indulge in some not-so-naughty chips that packs a naughty taste.

In conclusion these are fantastic and the only improvement I would like to see on these is a more dense texture that would provide a more satisfying crunch.

Taste Rating: 9/10

Macro Worthiness: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Get it or Quit it? Get It!


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