Ultra Monster Flavours

Whether you were at a convenience store, gas station, or the grocery store, I’m sure you’ve seen them countless times… The Ultra Monster Energy Drinks.

The most frustrating issue I had was trying to decide which “flavour” to go with for my next caffeine boost. With names like Ultra Zero, Ultra Sunrise, Ultra Black, Ultra Red, Ultra Violet, and Ultra Blue it doesn’t give much indication of their flavour profile.

The focus of this post is to make your next decision easier… by providing my personal  Ranking and list the flavours of each Ultra Monster!

Here We Go!…

1.  Zero Ultra (White): Citrusy/Grapefruit flavour

        Rating: 9.5/10


2. Ultra Red: Cranberry Flavour

        Rating: 9/10


3. Ultra Sunrise: Orange/Tangerine Flavour (Tang Soda)

        Rating: 8.5/10


4. Ultra Violet: Sweet Tarts/Pixy Stix Flavour (Sour)

        Rating: 8/10


5. Ultra Blue: Berry flavour, Not Overly Sweet

        Rating: 7/10


6. Ultra Black: Black Cherry Flavour

        Rating: 6.5/10



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